Anti-Corruption Solutions

As global organizations continue to seek growth in new and developing markets where bribery and other forms of corruption present the highest risks, accurately measuring and managing these risks and assessing the effectiveness of your current anti-corruption and compliance programs will help in mitigating the threats they pose. Coupled with anti-corruption and anti-bribery regulations in place globally and a record number of trials, prosecutions, and corporate fines, corruption is a “bet the organization” risk area for any organization doing business overseas.

Leveraging our partner Ethisphere’s extensive database information along with Corpedia’s industry-leading expertise, Corpedia’s Anti-Corruption Solution Set can provide an essential understanding of your current program’s strengths and weaknesses by identifying the factors impacting organizational corruption risks. Corpedia’s in-depth recommendations will rank and prioritize these risks and provide practical guidance for addressing them.

FCPA/Anti-Corruption Program In-depth Review

Utilizing a proprietary system of tools, templates, metrics, and indicators to evaluate your anti-corruption initiatives and program components, the FCPA/Anti-Corruption Program In-Depth Review examines your organization’s policies and procedures, verifying appropriate controls are in place and proper training has been delivered to employees. Additionally, Corpedia advisors will review internal and external documentation, interview key employees, and conduct an employee survey. Unlike many other organizations who provide review services, Corpedia not only provides in-depth insight into your program but also benchmarking against your peers and actionable steps towards mitigating any threats and practical guidance on moving your program forward.

FCPA/Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment

Utilizing Corpedia’s proprietary methodology to benchmark your program against current regulations and industry best practices, the FCPA/Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment will determine the effectiveness of your program in preventing and mitigating corruption and bribery risks. Designed to be easily repeated, the FCPA/Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment helps you track and measure the success and progress of your anti-corruption program so your organization can continue to emphasize what works best and get the most return on your investment.